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4 Сен 2015
Perfex CRM - мощнейшая crm и erp система на codecanyon
Многофункциональная ЦРМ, по сравнению с большинствами аналогами реально подходящая для работы с лидами.
Ищу Perfex CRM 3.1.5

March 18, 2024 Changelog

Updated: TinyMCE to v6
Updated: Allow more HTML tags in ticket body content
Fix: Quick Create is not working for leads and tasks
Fix: Search results for knowledge base articles have incorrect links
Fix: Lead activity log shows HTML
Fix: Lead email activity tab shows HTML
Fix: Leads kanban status color not applied
Fix: Registration is not working when Honeypot is enabled
Fix: Delete ticket attachment downloads an empty image placaholder
Minor UI/CSS fixes
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Perfex CRM 3.1.5
Безопасно. Оригинальный скрипт без модификаций.
Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся
Ищу Perfex CRM 3.1.6

  • Add option to auto-convert proposal to invoice after acceptance (customers-related proposals only)
  • Add an option to disallow non-admin staff to edit tickets and replies messages
  • Fix tickets content show HTML
  • Fix modules menu item badge displays HTML
  • Fix the proposal table not sorting by date created
  • Fix detailed expenses report not working
  • Fix admin-related kb articles encoding
  • Fix TinyMCE not working in modals
  • Fix delete ticket redirect to invalid link